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Plec & Dries teasar om första avsnittet

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PROMO posters säsong 6!

Nu har promo bilderna för säsong 6 äntligen kommit ut! Hur otroligt grymma som de ser ut! Älskar att Enzo och Alaric är med som huvudpersoner och får vara med på egna promo bilder.
Tänkte bara slänga in några kommentarer på bilden ovan. Lägg märke till Bonnie och Damon tillsammans med tanke på alla spekulationer mellan dem och sen Elena och Stefan. Kommentera era tankar om det.

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8 SPOILERS om Säsong 6!!

Elena is still distraught after losing Damon, so she focuses on her schoolwork in order to avoid the pain that accompanies grief. She's apparently "excelling in her pre-med program" according to executive producer Caroline Dries.
According to TVLine, Tyler will embrace his "second chance" at humanity, but will discover "the rage is still inside him" and he can't run from it.
WHERE THE HECK ARE BONNIE AND DAMON YO? Not to worry; Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham are returning to the show. However, we don't know exactly in what otherworldly capacity. All we do know is that their whereabouts -- still TBA -- will unfold "slowly" as Season 6 progresses. Moreover, they are spending a lot of time together -- enough so that they're getting "on each other's nerves like an old married couple."
For those of you who have been rooting for a steamy hook-up scene between Stefan and Caroline, please note that cuddling is all you'll get...for now, at least. According to the show's writers, love isn't in the air for these two pals. Even though it's clear that Caroline has secretly been crushing on Stefan for a while now, Stefan "doesn't have the emotional energy for a relationship" and he's basically friend-zoned Caroline.
Matt's been through hell and back (um, no health insurance? whack!), but for the first time in his life, the poor lad doesn't have to worry about being eaten alive by ferocious fiends. Now that the Traveler's barrier spell has expunged all vamps, Matty Blue Blue is living the bare neck dream! Better yet? Ever since the Mystic Grill went kaboom and he was essentially left jobless, he started exploring new career options. And what does this fella have his eye on? Law enforcement!
We always knew these twins were mischief makers who happen to be super powerful witches. Well, make no mistakes, gentle viewers! Their "dark past" and "destiny" will be explored further in TVD Season 6, and we will finally find out why they enrolled in Whitmore College of all places.
"Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. / Find me a find, catch me a catch!" Nope! Elena isn't auditioning for a college production of Fiddler on the Roof; instead she tries to set up her buddy Caroline with her fellow pre-med friend Liam (played by Marco James) because she thinks they are "perfect" together.
//Stillbild från säsong 6//
Considering how Alaric, a vampire hunter, was forced to become an Original (aka the creature he loathes most) by Esther and now he's forced to exist in a world without Damon, he has a bumpy journey ahead of him. Luckily for this new Whitmore professor, there's a silver lining: love! Apparently sparks will fly between Mr. Saltzman and Elena's excellence-demanding mentor, Jo (played by actress Jodi Lyn O’Keefe)!

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Vad finns på andra sidan? BTS'

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Börjar filma s6!

På fredag börjar de att filma säsong 6!

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Datum för säsong 6

Jag såg att datumet för säsong 6 kommer vara 2 Oktober nu i höst!

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Säsong 6 spoilers!

Dessa spoilerna är inte garanterat sanna.

Katherine kommer kanske att komma tillbaka i säsong 6

Lexi kommer att komma tillbaka i flashbacks 

Mat kommer kanske ha en flickvän

Alla som dog och passerade genom Bonnie är nu människor igen

Det kommer inte vara något mer doppelgänger drama för gott

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Karaktärer bekräftat för s6

Dessa två karaktärerna är bekräftade att vara med i säsong 6 bortsett de gamla vanliga. Tror vi alla är lite extra glada att Matt får komma tillbaka. Själv är jag överlycklig att Enzo kommer stanna kvar.
Ni som inte förstod vad jag menade: Enzo och Alaric kommer från och med säsong 6 vara huvudkaraktärer.