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TV Guide Scans - Comic - Con Special

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Nina Dobrev - Self Magazine

I samband med Nina att berättade på hennes instagram att hon skulle lämna TVD, avslöjade hon också att hon hade gjort en intervju med Self Magazine som nu har kommit ut.
“I’m buying you tequila shots!” jokes Nina Dobrev, upbeat but contrite. She’s a little late meeting me for dinner, but not because she’s a star who’s unconcerned with the clock. It’s because, despite her nine years in the business, the sprawl of Los Angeles is new to her: She’ll be living here full-time in just a few weeks but doesn’t know the roads quite yet. Still, says the 26-year-old actress, every new route holds its own excitement. She joins me at the table, wearing a navy silk jumpsuit, black cardigan and sandals, fluttery false eyelashes still glued to her lids. “We shot until 6 a.m., and then I flew here,” she says. “I forgot to take them off.” 

Since 2009, Dobrev has spent 10 months of every year living in Atlanta, shooting her 22-episode-per-season CW series, The Vampire Diaries. Treading in the scripted world of doppelgängers and the undead, Dobrev deftly took on the highly dramatic coming-of-age story of an innocent-at-first high school student named Elena Gilbert. Over the years, Gilbert fell in love with not one but two members of the bloodthirsty Salvatore brood (while in real life, Dobrev dated Ian Somerhalder, who played the older Salvatore brother, Damon). Gilbert would eventually die, come back to life and become a vampire herself—and a vampire premed student, no less. 

As Gilbert, and sometimes as her immortal nemesis, Katherine Pierce (born in 1473), Dobrev developed a massive and dedicated fan base, including nearly 5 million Instagram followers, many of whom were crushed in April when the actress used the same medium to announce her imminent departure from the show. Shooting her final scenes, she says a few weeks prior, will be emotional: TVD represents not only Gilbert’s coming-of-age but her own. “It’s important for me that it be epic and powerful,” Dobrev says. “I feel like I’m a completely different person than I was and I’ve grown so much. It’s been a big part of my life, and I want it to be beautiful. I want it to end well.” 

Having signed a six-year contract at the show’s onset, Dobrev knew from the beginning that this year might mark the end of her run. TVD‘s seventh season will commence filming later this year, but without its star, whose take on all of it is forward-looking and optimistic, not nostalgic or fearful of change. Never once does she say leaving is scary; she does, however, call it bittersweet. “I’ve loved working on this show,” she says. “It’s been such a crazy, awesome adventure, and I’ve been surrounded by so many people who I consider family. I know this is a new exciting step in the right direction for me, but it’s going to be so strange not to be with them.” 

Still, like any smart professional, Dobrev’s been thinking a few moves ahead for years. “I’m very business-­minded,” she says. Keen on the long game, she started filming movies in between seasons, appearing in dramas like The Perks of Being a Wallflower (filmed around Pittsburgh); farces like Let’s Be Cops (Atlanta); and, most recently, in this spring’s emo-horror satire The Final Girls (New Orleans), which premiered to rave reviews at South by Southwest. She’s eager now to tackle even more ambitious film roles. And after playing so many of the supernatural types (dead, undead, capable of flight), she also seems unfazed by the idea of moving to otherworldly Hollywood.

It’s the unknown and the lofty, not to mention the prospect of a well-earned break, that’s exciting Dobrev these days. “I’ll be stepping outside my comfort zone,” she says while checking out the specials at Café Gratitude in Larchmont. She’s talking about her future as an actor and as a newbie screenwriter, sitting at one of the restaurant’s outdoor tables. We’re beneath a sign that reads I AM WHOLE AND COMPLETE UNTO MYSELF, all in capital letters. 

The restaurant’s vegetarian menu plays on identity. At the top, the words “I am” are printed large, followed by an ellipsis that signifies you could be anything … from what the list of dishes below represents. If you order a marinated kale salad, you are saying, “I am … pure.” If you want corn and portobello mushroom tacos, it’s “I am…transformed.” Sizing up the dogma of the dinner menu, Dobrev, more of a doer than a seeker, looks up at the waiter, shrugs and jokingly says, “I am … feeling like a steak.” 

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1989, the same year that country’s Communist regime collapsed, Dobrev got used to pushing boundaries and crossing borders at an early age. She flew to America when she was 2 with her mother, Michaela, and older brother, Alex, to eventually meet her father, Kamen, in Toronto. Fresh out of the Bulgarian army, Kamen Dobrev had left one year earlier to secure work and save enough money to bring over the rest of the family. He delivered pizzas and pumped gasoline until funds were sufficient. “My mom crossed into Canada to meet him at Niagara Falls with one suitcase and a kid in each hand,” Dobrev says. “I learned hard work from them.” 

Living in Scarborough, Ontario, a tough suburb of Toronto, the family moved around a lot for the first few years. Dobrev remembers packing her own school lunches because her mom worked multiple jobs—as a receptionist, selling clothing, whatever it took to keep the family afloat—while Kamen went to school to study computer engineering. At 10, Dobrev began competing in aesthetic gymnastics meets and eventually had to make a tough choice between athletics and acting. 

“It was either continue with the gymnastics and try to go to the Olympics, or audition more. Gymnastics was four hours a day, six days a week. There wasn’t time for both.” In her early teens, Dobrev began going to Toronto to try out for acting parts. “I would take the subway,” she says, “and then four different buses. Nothing was ever handed to me.” 

Her first big break came in 2006, when she was cast on the popular Canadian teen melodrama Degrassi: The Next Generation, alongside an actor named Aubrey Graham, now known to millions on this side of the border as Drake. Over the course of 52 episodes, until 2009, Dobrev played a teenaged mom who ultimately moved to Paris to pursue a modeling career. In real life, she left Degrassi, and Toronto, for The Vampire Diaries and Atlanta—but only after she got sick, botched her first audition, took a mulligan and submitted a tape to make up for the initial mess. “None of us thought about her twice after that first try,” recalls Julie Plec, the show’s cocreator and writer. “But when we saw that tape, we were all blown away by how wonderful, magnetic and interesting she was. She got the part based on that. She fought for it.” 

As our food arrives, Dobrev digs in. There’s roasted brussels sprouts, a couple of salads, those corn and portobello mushroom tacos. She looks around at the abundance of bright vegetal dishes and promptly declares, “I am … a pig.” Regardless, she wants pictures, because she likes to chronicle these things. “My taste buds are alive and well,” she says. “Living in Atlanta, I started a restaurant bucket list for friends. There’s a whole burger section. It’s dope. Everybody loves it when they come into town.” Dobrev says she’d possibly like to expand and publish it. “Like a travel guide,” she says. 

With her show ending, the first thing Dobrev wants to do is explore. She’s already planned a cross-country road trip with six friends after her final episode wraps. It’s unclear whether her 18-year-old cat, Lynx, will come along for the ride or take a more direct route west (aside from Lynx, Dobrev is single), but stops will be made in New Orleans; Houston; Austin, Texas; Santa Fe; Sedona, Arizona; the Grand Canyon; and Las Vegas before Dobrev ultimately arrives at her new house in Los Angeles. 

There’s more! Read the complete feature and find out about Dobrev’s upcoming plans by downloading the digital edition now.

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Caroline Dries talks SPOILERS

 En gammal intervju som jag glömt bort att lägga ut. Minns ej med vilka.

How much fun is it to work on a show where anything can happen to anyone, at any time?


CAROLINE DRIES:  That might be one of the luxuries or benefits of having 22 episodes.  We bitch and moan about, “Oh, it’s so much work.”  We don’t want to drag stories out or have filler episodes, but you also have freedom to zig-zag a little bit and be a little crazier ‘cause it stretches it out more.  So, it’s been fun.


Just when you finally get Elena and Damon almost back on the same page again, Kai gets in the middle of them.  What can you say about how that will play out?


DRIES:  Kai has a very specific need for Elena, which is that he has absorbed magic from the Traveler spell, and that’s way more magic than he’s ever had rippling through his veins.  His goal, which he’s made very clear from day one, is to merge with Jo.  But what he comes to realize is that he’s never had this much magic before, so what if he touches Jo and she eviscerates.  So, he’s trying to learn how to hone his magic, and he’s using Elena as a crash test dummy because she can’t really die and he can keep at it.  And Damon wonders, “Where the heck is my gal?  She never showed up.  What’s going on?”  So, he makes it his mission to find her.  As they finally do come face to face and reconnect, we get to play at the story that would have happened, if Kai hadn’t grabbed her.  We show the beginning stages of the Damon-Elena relationship that we’ve never seen before, with beats of them trying to figure out where to go to dinner, what to do on a date, and really simple, human things that we’ve actually never gotten to witness in their relationship.  It’s a story that reminds us why we love the Damon and Elena relationship.  It reminds us that it’s a simple love story.


Could you ever have imagined that you’d get to a point where you could go back to the beginning?


DRIES:  No.  As a writer, I’ve worked on the show for so long, and it was such a breakthrough when we came up with that idea because we get to redo their love story, in a way, and it comes with all the baggage.  We’re constantly looking for ways to keep things fresh, but not feel fake.  This really came at the right time and felt earned.  He died and she was traumatized, so of course, she wanted to forget that love.  It just worked out that we could tell that story, in a new way.


Was one of the advantages of taking those memories away the fact that it could allow Elena to find her own inner strength again?


DRIES:  Yeah.  As a feminist, I think you never want to have your characters defined by the relationships that they’re in, and it did give her a chance to be a sophomore in college without a boyfriend.  She didn’t get that before.  Who is she, as a student?  Who does she want to be when she grows up, even though she’s never going to grow up?  What are her career aspirations?  Who is she besides Damon’s girlfriend, and besides being the object of his eye?  It was fun to just see Elena as a growing woman.


With Kai, did you intentionally want to bring in a villain with a very heightened sense of danger, to off-set the characters that are your heroes, but have done villainous things?


DRIES:  Totally.  That’s a good point.  You want to make things feel heightened, and that there is the possibility that somebody could do something horrible.  And Enzo is pretty unpredictable, as well, but he’s so likeable and charming that you forgot that he’s the villain.  Every season, we sit down and workshop and talk about the next season, and usually one of the things we talk about is who the big bad is for the season and how we make it different from the big bad of the last season.  We had Silas and we had Klaus, who are these immortal things.  Julie [Plec] was like, “What if we just had a sociopath?  What if we just had somebody with no redeeming qualities, who won’t soften because he likes a girl?  He’s just a monster.”   That’s what we really liked about that character.  And then, as the character evolved, we came up with the siphoning thing and had him be a Gemini to have it all connect.  That’s where it came from.  It’s been fun to write Kai ‘cause Chris [Wood] is such a good actor, and you can throw blocks of dialogue at him and be like, “Here, read this.”  He really is becoming a fan favorite villain.  


Can Damon and Elena ever have more than one moment of happiness together, before it all blows up in their face?


DRIES:  No, and that’s what you’ll find out.  Their attempts are pretty funny.  Their attempts at planning a date and the scenario it’s all happening in is so chaotic.  But then, they remember to take these moments and really appreciate that they have each other.  It actually hangs a lantern on how special they are to each other, when they only have these glimpses to be together.  


Bonnie and Damon never liked each other, until they were really forced to depend on and be there for each other.  And Caroline and Stefan gradually developed such a beautiful friendship that viewers just wanted to see more and more of.  When did you start to realize that you could take both of those relationships in the way that you have?


DRIES:  We saw the Caroline and Stefan one afew seasons ago, when he was teaching her how to control her vampirism.  She kind of replaced Lexi in his life.  She became that girl that would talk back to him, but there wasn’t a love chemistry between them.  They were just friends.  Now, she’s growing up and she’s realizing what she’s looking for in a partner, and Stefan has all of those qualities because he’s a really great, awesome guy, and it’s harder for her to just be friends with him, as she’s made clear.  With the Damon-Bonnie thing, they’ve just always worked as not liking each other.  They’re just the Bickersons, and that’s their dynamic, period.  But when we decided that it was time for Bonnie to have to make this sacrifice and get whisked off, who better to put her with than the person she doesn’t want to be with, and vice versa for Damon.  And then, all of a sudden, this great chemistry emerged.  They still bickered the whole time that they were in the prison world, but you saw that they really care about each other.  Damon’s arc will be, “How do I get my friend back?”  He doesn’t even admit that he’s her friend, but we all know that he has a soft spot for her now.  Fans want them to get together, but we’re going to keep it platonic.  There’s just a deep friendship there.  Damon has spent more time with Bonnie, on screen, than he’s spent with Alaric or the sheriff, or any of his other buddies.  It’s probably the most earned friendship on the show.  It was really defined when Kai came into it because the dynamic of that triangle is, “I can make fun of my family, but you can’t make fun of my family.”


If you more deeply explore the relationship between Stefan and Caroline, do you also worry about ruining what everyone loves about them?


DRIES:  Yeah, that’s totally something that is a fear, for any show, when you bring two characters together.  That’s why we’ve always said, from the beginning, we’ll earn it in baby step, slowly but surely, and if we feel like it’s not working on screen, we won’t do it.  But Caroline has chemistry with everyone, and Stefan needs that feminine touch in his life to really bring out his funny side.  They are just working, and I think it’s because we’re taking it so slowly and so honestly.  We’re not just throwing people together to have sex scene ‘cause that’s not really what our show is.  It feels like it’s working, so hopefully the fans will embrace the way we’re going about it.


What made you want to explore how mortal humans really are, with what’s going on with Caroline’s mother?


DRIES:  We wanted to give Caroline a bigger storyline that didn’t necessarily involve her liking someone or being in a love triangle.  We also love Marguerite [MacIntyre] so much that we wanted to give her some material that’s great.  The reason that we did it now is because, in Season 6, it’s really where the profoundness of a very human enemy really resonates.  You’re just so embroiled in supernatural, all the time, that all of a sudden, it feels that much more dramatic.


With everything Bonnie has experienced in the prison world, how will that change her, if/when she ever gets back to her friends?


DRIES:  We’re going to see Bonnie continue to try to adjust to life in the prison world.  She tried to have Christmas, and it just made things worse for her.  She’s going to have a birthday in the prison world, which is going to be worse.  She’s really going to hit rock bottom before she pulls herself up by the bootstraps and says, “You know what?  Let me get out of here!”  She will finally find her way back, and it will come at the perfect time for our friends, who are in need of a friend rejuvenation and beautiful reunion.  So, she comes back and is emotionally scarred from it.  She doesn’t want to admit to that.  She just wants to be like, “Great, I’m back!  Let’s do this!  Here are the clothes I left behind.  Here’s my music.  Let’s go to a party!”  But, that’s not how reality actually works.  She is scarred by it, and it will be a big issue for her.  That feeling of being left behind is something where she’s like, “Never again!”  That’s her motto.


This is a show where you hear from its very vocal fan following.  Have there been storylines where you didn’t get the response that you expected you would?


DRIES:  The notion of the twin merge is such a weird concept, and we just get used to talking about it and saying, “Okay, that’s what they’re gonna do for the merge.”  But then, watching that Thanksgiving episode, I was like, “This is really weird, what we are asking the audience to embrace.  They merge?  What even is that?”  But, the audience totally embraced it and loved it.  I was like, “Okay, good.  They’re used to us by now.  The audience is with us.”  But, there hasn’t been any real fall-out.  People really, really like Kai, which I’m glad about.  But they always love the villains, even though they’re the meanest character on the show.


What can we expect from Enzo, coming up?


DRIES:  What he said to Stefan in Episode 2 was, “You were not a good brother to Damon.  You gave up on Damon.  You’re not worthy of being treated like a family member.”  Something Enzo has never had, which you’ll come to learn, is that he’s never had a family and he’s never had a brother, and you’ll learn why he values it so much.  You’ll learn more about his backstory in future episodes, and you’ll get to understand his motivations for why he’s got such a vendetta for Stefan.  So, he’s going to end up luring Sarah Salvatore into the fold, and that’s what he’s going to use Matt for.  We saw him grab Matt and turn the tables on him, and he’s got a little agenda.  To get revenge on Stefan, it’s going to involve Sarah.


This show has passed the point that most shows never get to, with six seasons now and the renewal for a seventh.  How much longer do you see it going?


DRIES:  Every year, I’m like, “I don’t have any more ideas!”  And then, we’ll think of something like Elena compelling Damon away and Kai, and there’s a whole season, right there.  So, I’m going into Season 7 with that mind-set.  We’ll think about it and, hopefully, we’ll strike gold again.  We work with 10 really, really, really smart writers with big brains and a lot of ideas, so somebody has gotta think of something.  Julie [Plec] would never let the show drive itself into the ground.  If we’re out of ideas and we’re honest about it, we’ll end the show.


What’s it like to work with the actors when they direct an episode?


DRIES:  It’s so interesting.  Paul [Wesley] has a very strong point of view for what he wants.  They don’t come to it from a very producorial background.  It’s like, “Well, I know that’s what you want, but this is a TV show.  You have two hours to shoot that.  We can’t afford that.”  But, it’s fun.  Paul knows the show better than anyone, so it’s a dream.

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SPOILERS! - EW intervju med Julie Plec

Q: Kommer Enzo någonsin få sin hämnd på Stefan?

Is Enzo going to do anything other than torture Stefan for the rest of the season on The Vampire Diaries— Dina


Yes and no. In his attempts to torture Stefan, Enzo “sort of insinuates himself into Sarah Salvatore’s [Tristin Mays] life,” Julie Plec teases, adding, “but Sarah’s pretty.” Does that mean it will turn romantic? “Let’s just say that one of our inspirations for this story is Les Liaisons Dangereuses, like that John Malkovich, Dangerous Liasons kind of vibe where you get into something for one reason but then you maybe get surprised by the outcome.” But don’t get too attached to the potential couple just yet. Plec promised that Enzo, in his typical fashion, is more than capable of screwing it up.

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TVLine Intervju - Julie Plec avslöjar "Spoilers"

Nu med knappt en vecka kvar till den nya starten med Vampire Diaries hade TVLine en intervju med Julie Plec där hon berättade sju stycken teasers om de kommande avsnitten.
TVLINE | Kai seems to be the only obstacle standing between Damon and Elena at the moment. Will any additional problems arise? 
There are a lot of emotional obstacles, the little details. Can Elena get right with her feelings for him? Is she falling in love with him all over again? As they fight the bad guys, deal with loss and grief, character exits, that kind of thing … do they stay strong, or do they drift apart? I’d really like to see them make it and be happy for a little while.


TVLINE | We’re loving Kai. How long will he stick around?
That’s the problem when you have an actor who’s so great and who the audience responds to as a villain. You have to take stock: Is there more that I can do with this character outside of his run as this year’s villain? If so, you have to come up with the right way to do it, and if not, you have to let the heroes get the win over the villain. Every day, we talk about Kai, and we debate it. It’s an ongoing conversation.


TVLINE | Who has a better chance of surviving: Sheriff Forbes or Steroline?
[Laughs] I think that both of them have some pretty extreme hurdles to cross. Both story lines are going to be incredibly emotional, no matter how much you look at it.


TVLINE | We know Stefan will be helping Caroline save her mom. Will that bring them closer together?
At first, it’s going to shore up their friendship and bring up more of those romantic questions. But I can’t guarantee there won’t be a stumbling block or two that prevents them from seeing things clearly.


TVLINE | Do you have a time frame for Bonnie’s return from 1994? What will her biggest adjustments be?
We can expect it by the end of the run of this next chapter, which is approximately Episodes 11 to 15. It changes her forever. She’s been to hell and back, so to speak, and she’s had to do a lot of it on her own. Anyone who goes through an experience that isolating and that lonely isn’t going to come back ready to dive back into their old life. We’ll see her try to find her way and heal herself. We’ll see if her friendship with Damon is true, and if he’s someone who can help her heal.


TVLINE | How is Sarah Salvatore going to factor into the story as we know it now?
Sarah Salvatore factors into the story right away when we come back from the hiatus. Stefan hears that Caroline’s going to Duke to talk to a researcher who specializes in her mom’s condition. So he hitches a ride and goes to check in on Sarah, make sure she’s still doing OK. Only this time, he’s had someone follow him who’s also checking on Sarah, which is Enzo. Stefan knows that all the work he’s done to keep this girl away from the supernatural is jeopardized by the fact that Enzo knows who she is.


TVLINE | You also recently teased a big death on Twitter. When can we expect that?
There’s going to be at least one major death coming — and soon. I think the death count by the end of this season is going to be astonishingly high.


TVLINE | Do you have an end in sight? How much further beyond Season 7 could the show go?
When you’re dealing with a show like The Vampire Diaries, which kind of gave the network a boost it really needed, and has continued to have such a loyal and passionate fan base, I don’t think we necessarily get to make the decision about when it’s over. The decision will be made by a lot of things: How much story is left to tell? How many actors are left to tell that story? How many shows like The Flashwill come along, with great success, so that the network doesn’t necessarily need us in the way they used to? That could take a couple years, or it could go on as long as possible.

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Paul Wesley - The Wrap's Latest "Drinking With the Stars"

Paul stanande förbi The Wrap's "Drinking With the Stars för en intervju med Rebecca Rosenberg där han pratar om Stefan och Carolines relation, TVD och massa mer!

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Intervju med Julie Plec

I en Q/A pratar Julie Plec lite om Damon och Bonnies relation och om hon någonsin kommer att komma tillbaka. Matts pappa nämns och hur länge showen kommer att finnas kvar. Mer får ni se i videon.

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Behind The Scenes hemligheter från Julasvnittet

En intervju med Candice Accola och Nina Dobrev där de pratar om det kommande avsnittet med jultema och lite tankar, och hemligheter från det.

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Julie Plec Intervju - #DelenaRainKiss


"For every naysayer that is like 'oh, fan service, blah blah blah,' there's fan service when you tell stories as though the fans think it's a Choose Your Own Adventure, and that's not what we do," Plec assured. "Then there's the fan service when you have a group of people who, for five years, have been begging for one little thing, and you find the perfect way to give it to them. That's called honoring your fans, and I believe that so strongly. So, this is born out of when Stefan got kidnapped in Season 1 and Damon and Elena, who heretofore hadn't worked together much, had to go and rescue Stefan from the vampire house, from Frederick, and it was raining, and they're standing there, talking to each other about rescuing Stefan. It's one of those canon moments where people started really connecting with Damon and Elena as a potential couple - they really always called out that moment as 'one day they'll be in the rain and they'll kiss'," Julie explained, telling us that the "Delena Rain Kiss" is something that started on Twitter and grew over the years.

Thursday night's episode "Do You Remember The First Time?" gave them a perfect opportunity to finally give the fans the kiss they'd been waiting for. "Here we were in this season when Damon was trying to win Elena back, saying 'we loved each other,' and her saying 'tell me a memory that mattered to you. I want to remember something,' and we were writing the story, and we were thinking 'so what could that memory be?' We've always wanted to say 'what was that summer that we skipped between Season 4 and 5, where they had the summer of their lives? What was that? What did they do? There's got to be something awesome that they did'," Plec explained. A meteor shower and a waterfall were both ideas that were pitched in the Vampire Diaries writers' room, before the notion of 'what if they kissed in the rain?' came up.

The TVD team was aware that some fans were not going to be happy, but the people who follow the Damon & Elena romance - "Delena" - would be very happy. "But really, the story was 'what is this memory they shared'?" Plec described. "It was going to be something beautiful and epic, and so the rain was a way of us saying to this group of fans who have been begging five years for this one thing… basically, there's something about two people coming together in the rain, that's like the ultimate expression of love in the minds of most audiences, I guess." - Julie Plec

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Paul Wesley - Interview Magazine!

Paul gjorde en Q&A med Andy Warhol från Interview Magazine! Läs intervjun nedanför.
 New Jersey-native Paul Wesley is a rather busy man. The 32-year-old actor spends much of the year filming The Vampire Diaries in Georgia, a CW show on which he has played the brooding vampire heartthrob Stefan Salvatore since 2009. Over the last year he’s also filmed several indie movies, including Shawn Christensen’s Before I Disappear, which won the Audience Award at SXSW, and Amira & Sam, which is currently in competition at the Savannah Film Festival.


ANDY WARHOL: What do you think about love? 


PAUL WESLEY: Love is something that is very personal to each individual based on where they are in their lives. It fluctuates and changes over time. I think there is a massive differentiation between infatuation and love, but people tend to confuse the two. 


WARHOL: When did you start making movies? 


WESLEY: I started working in front of the camera for the first time when I was 15 years old. I joined a soap opera. We filmed in Brooklyn and I would skip class to shoot my scenes. It was terrifying and I entirely self-conscious in front of the camera. 


WARHOL: What’s your favorite movie? 


WESLEY: That answer always changes depending on what mood I’m in. the one that seems to consistently come to mind is Scenes from a Marriage (1973) by Ingmar Bergman. Not exactly uplifting, but it had a huge impact on me that I can’t seem to get out of my mind. 


WARHOL: Did you go to acting school? 


WESLEY: Yes and no. I would go to acting classes in New York City, but it was sporadic. I went to a bunch of classes in L.A. as an adult. I enjoy it for certain things but I am not dogmatic about it. 


WARHOL: What’s the craziest thing a fan has sent you?


WESLEY: A box full of sausages—Polish sausages. I couldn’t tell if it was innuendo or if she really wanted me to enjoy the Polish sausages. 


WARHOL: If you got a movie tomorrow, what would be your ideal role? 


WESLEY: At this point in my career, anything that is non-vampire related. I look for characters that are extremely flawed and the anti-hero.


WARHOL: Do you go out a lot or stay at home? 


WESLEY: I stay at home a lot by choice, but go out a lot due to work. As I’ve grown older, the simple pleasure of sitting on the couch with someone you love and watching a documentary is about as good as it gets for me. 


WARHOL: Is there anything you regret not doing? 


WESLEY: There’s one particular incident that comes to mind: one time I was assigned community service for getting into a fight in high school and they told me I had a week to complete 20 hours. I convinced the lady at the library (I was assigned to stack books) to sign off that I had finished the community service, but that between her and I, I would take several weeks because I was busy that week. She trusted me, signed the paper that I completed service, and I duped her and never came back. I literally think about that all that time. It haunts me and sometimes want to go back there and find her and stack books because I’m really wracked with terrible guilt. I was 16 at the time and didn’t have much of a conscience. 


WARHOL: Do you dream? 


WESLEY: Yes, but I rarely remember them for more than two to three minutes after waking up—unless I’m going through a trying time in my life, in which case I vividly remember everything. 


WARHOL: How many hotels have you been kicked out of? 


WESLEY: None, but I did get kicked out of several high schools. Does that count/make me cool?

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Intervjuer med the cast - SPOILERS!


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Nina Dobrev för Femina

Nina täcker om omslaget för det senaste avsnittet på den kinesiska tidningen Femina. Bilder från photoshooten och scans från tidningen har kommit ut och hon ser som vanligt verkligen fantastiskt ut. 

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NY Post: Varför Ninas kärleks liv är på twitter

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On the night of the Los Angeles movie premiere of her new movie, “Let’s Be Cops,” Nina Dobrev was getting dolled up in a colorful Zuhair Murad minidress, Salvatore Ferragamo heels and Tiffany & Co. jewels, her mood decidedly giddy.

“I like to get my friends together and make it a day of getting ready for a big event, because I’m not here very often — ‘Vampire Diaries’ shoots in Atlanta,” she says. Dobrev’s date? Her best friend, “Dancing With the Stars” pro-turned- actress Julianne Hough, who was on her way over to get her hair and makeup done as well. “We’ll hang out, get ready, get in the car and go. We’ll make it a chill, relaxed, fun environment.”

The film, released last week, is Dobrev’s first foray into comedy. She plays Josie, a waitress who befriends two customers (Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr.) who go to a party wearing police uniforms that are so convincing, they end up impersonating cops.


“I’ve always loved the genre, but I’ve never done comedy,” the 25-year-old says. “It was good for me to start with this one, because I didn’t have the pressure of carrying all the comedy on my shoulders — the boys have the jokes, for the most part.”

After a recent  breakup with her “Vampire” co-star Ian Somerhalder (the two dated for three years), plus rabid Internet gossip about her post-breakup hookups (tongues wagged that Dobrev was spotted kissing several guys at Comic-Con, including Orlando Bloom, Ben McKenzie, David Anders and Derek Theler), it makes sense the actress would choose a trusted girlfriend as her date for the big premiere— so the focus can be on the movie rather than who she may or may not have been getting close to at the after-party.

“I laugh stuff off all the time,” she says of online rumors. “If you read half the s–t people wrote about me, you’d be in hysterical laughter, too. It’s not always bad things — people are generally pretty positive, and I haven’t had any scandals, which is why I can laugh about it — but still, anytime you read anything that’s not true or well sensationalized, it’s like, ‘Well, there we go.’ So many people are speculating, and even some of my own friends are fooled by it, so what will the rest of the world think?”

When the Comic-Con rumors surfaced, Dobrev tweeted a photo to her 4.86 million followers, “Apparently I have SOOOO many boyfriends. Here’s four more. I’m so busy. #tabloidsillyness”

“Apparently I had a busy weekend,” she says with a chuckle. “So at this point, stay tuned for next year, when I have a kissing booth set up at Comic-Con. Why not, right?”

Asking herself “Why not?” has been a huge part of Dobrev’s life this year, particularly when it comes to traveling and chalking up personal adventures. While “Vampire” was on hiatus this spring (Season 6 returns Oct. 2), Dobrev jumped on a plane to Europe and traveled solo — as in completely alone — for a month and a half. While this sounds like something an insane celebrity would do, especially a highly recognizable one who has been on countless magazine covers, a hit TV show for six years, and in such movies as “Chloe” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” Nina says it made perfect sense to her.

“I used to pride myself on being totally independent,” explains Dobrev, who was born in Bulgaria and raised in Toronto. “Everything I’ve done until now is because I worked my ass off. I never needed anyone — I just made it happen. Nowadays, I’m never by myself, whether I’m with 150 crew members on set, on a plane or at an event. I haven’t had any alone time for a while, and I wanted to get away and feel that way again.”

Dobrev’s MO After landing in Europe, she would meet people in bars or coffee shops, strike up a conversation and, depending what their plans were, end up in another country. At one point, she met some Australians who live in Bali and spent the rest of the trip traveling with them.

“I don’t like being a tourist in any city — I like being a local,” she says.

But did she get recognized?

“Not really. In fact, those [Australian] guys didn’t recognize me at all. It wasn’t until day two or three that people started coming up to me and they were like, ‘Wait, who are you? Why do people want to take pictures with you?’ By day six, they were like, ‘Wait, you’re actually crazy. Why did you come here by yourself in your situation?’ But look, if I’m at a bar in Bali and I don’t have an entourage with me, and I’m not trying to get attention, no one assumes it’s me. It’s all about the way you carry yourself.”

Dobrev’s overseas adventures included wake-boarding by day and snowboarding by night in Switzerland, surfing with “the No. 1 local Balinese surfer, a 15-year-old kid,” and witnessing “one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.”

She also learned a few good drinking games. “Have you played Beat the Dealer?” she asks excitedly. “Oh my god — Google it. It’s fun. And dangerous.”

Her boldness carries over onto the red carpet. For the past three years Dobrev has worked with stylist Ilaria Urbinati (whose clients include Bradley Cooper, Emmy Rossum and Lizzy Caplan), cultivating what Dobrev calls a “chameleonlike style that’s fashion-forward and edgy but classic. Ilaria and I have the same vision, and now we’re very close.” She laughs again: “How could we not be when she sees me naked every couple of weeks?”

Dobrev gravitates toward Elie Saab and Naeem Khan for big events, but she experiments with both newer and established designers. This year, she even attended her first Paris fashion week.

“Versace was really exciting, and Chanel was the crème de la crème as an experience,” she says. “If someone had told me 10 years ago I would one day be going to the Chanel show and hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld, I would’ve been like, ‘You’re crazy.’”

Off-duty, Dobrev’s style is much more casual. In Atlanta, where she likes to go bike- riding or play volleyball if she’s not shooting, she can usually be found wearing jeans or a tee with yoga pants. In LA, she goes for boho-casual maxidresses. And in New York or Europe, it’s something “cooler, because there’s a different energy.”

Regardless of locale, Dobrev keeps a bag packed with travel essentials: Noise-canceling Bose ear buds, an eye mask, a facial mask, super-comfortable clothes and a pillow. It’s all in the name of getting much- needed rest, other people’s opinions be damned: “Today I was sitting next to a random person [on a plane], and I’m wearing my white facial mask that makes me look like a mummy, my eye mask, my ear buds and my big pillow around my neck. The guy next to me must’ve thought I was bats–t crazy.”

But guess what? She couldn’t have cared less.



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Kan TVD gå vidare utan Nina, Ian och Paul? Eller är det slutet?


The Vampire Diaries’ days may be numbered—if one of the show’s main stars doesn’t come around.


The core TVD trio—Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley—have been in talks with the studio, and so far, only two of the three actors have signed on for a seventh season, E! News has learned. The remaining star (either Nina, Ian or Paul) is unsure whether he or she wants to continue, according to multiple inside sources familiar with the talks. (Warner Bros. does not comment on contract negotiations.)


The Vampire Diaries, which launches its sixth season Oct. 1, has been a hugely successful series for the CW, giving the fledgling network in 2009 its highest-rated premiere ever (5.7 million viewers). Season five averaged more than 2 million viewers, which is still pretty strong by CW standards.


If all three main actors (Nina, Ian and Paul) were to sign on for a season seven, the show would have a good shot at a seventh season pickup. We also hear it’s possible that the network would consider continuing the show without all three stars, shifting the focus to some of the other beloved characters.


“I think the show will go as long as the actors want the show to go,” TVD executive producer Julie Plec said during our Comic-Con interview a few weeks ago (see the video below). “You know, look, everybody’s under contract. I know that we’ve got plans for season six, we’ve got plans for season seven. I know that our bosses have plans for seasons eight, nine, and 10. I said I want to be part of it as long as I know I could keep telling good stories and as long as the ensemble people that I work with want to be there and are committed and dedicated. So, so far so good, you know. We’ll see how long we can stay, doing it well. We’ll make sure that we don’t start sucking.”


Plec also revealed that the idea she and Kevin Williamson came up with four years ago for the very last scene of the entire series could still come to fruition.


Klicka här för att se en video där Julie Plec pratar om Delena, Bamon och Klaroline



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Nina Dobrev - Let's Be Cops intervju

En liten intervju med Nina där hon pratar om sin roll Josie i den nya filmen Let's Be Cops som hade premiär för några dagar sen. Hon berättar också lite om skillnaden mellan att vara med i en komedi och drama.

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Ian Somerhalder - Scans från VIP Magazine Brazil

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Nina Dobrev - Nya ombre looken + sommar måsten

Upon locking eyes with actress Nina Dobrevduring her brief pitstop in New York City, two things were immediately apparent. The first? She’s just as gorgeous in person as she is onscreen in The Vampire Diaries. The second? She’s…blonde!

“I went ombré,” she explained with a laugh, twirling the ends of her hair. “I actually did it for a role. I’m filming a project called Final Girls, and it’s the first time that I’m playing this sassy best friend.”

So her slightly meaner-than-normal character required a little bit of bleach, huh? (Does this mean blondes are just having more fun at the expense of others?) “Riawna Capri does my color, and she’s awesome,” Nina said. “But honestly, this is more of an extreme change than I would have done normally. I got to play with it for fun, but I probably wouldn’t have done it otherwise.”


Accompanying her new ombré, though, was another something new. (And we’re not exactly talking lipstick or eyeshadow here.) “Today, I’ve worn four different shades of color contacts,” Nina said with a smile through her (artificial) hazel-green eyes. “What’s funny is it doesn’t seem like a big change. But I tried out some colors and I didn’t feel like I was cheating myself. I felt like I was just enhancing what I had.”


Nina likens switching up her contacts to dying her hair—why just stop at your strands? She insists the brand she’s touting—Air Optix—is way better than anything you can find over the counter. “I was hesitant at first, but you do have to meet with a doctor to get the prescription. So I tried them out and they were really subtle. People can’t tell for the most part!”

For the actress, the relatively small change gave her the confidence to be more adventurous with her fashion choices. “My stylist is always pushing me to make bolder statements,” she explained. “And you can wear different patterns or shades to enhance a certain eye color. So, it’s fun!”


And, since we’re transitioning towards summer, more changes are on the horizon. “With the warmer weather in L.A., I’ve completely switched to tinted moisturizers with SPF. I have this AmorePacific Cushion Compact and it’s incredible. I’ve also been wearing It Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF 50. I’m obsessed with it because it has a dewy finish.”

But, despite her clear love for it, makeup doesn’t fit into Nina’s everyday lifestyle in Los Angeles. Amidst regular yoga classes, she also goes for outdoor runs and the occasional game of volleyball.


“What can I say? I like the sunshine. I go to a lot of beaches. I don’t want to have to worry about mascara falling down my face! I like to just keep it simple.” She does so with a couple quick coats of Benefit waterproof mascara, her daily dose of SPF, and she’s out on the sand.

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Intervju - Vad Nina sa om Damon och Elenas hejdå


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Ian Somerhalder intervju med Glamour Brasil

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Steven R. McQueen - Just Jared Spotlight serie

Just Jared: [SPOILER ALERT] What was your and the cast’s reaction to that?

Steven R. McQueen: Yeah, he’s one of the main characters so we were all like, “Wait, what? Something sounds wrong here.” But you know, it’s good. The show knows how to keep people on the edge of their seat, that’s for sure.

JJ: We know they teased some other possible deaths. Considering Bonnie is at risk and Jeremy’s already lost every girlfriend he’s ever had, how do you think he’ll handle it if she dies (again)?

SM: Jeremy has lost so many people and so right now, his only priority is to keep Bonnie safe. He’s a character with a lot of elements out of his control. A lot of people he cared about died, and that’s sort of forced him to be strong. But he can only be so strong because he’s human.

JJ: The show brought back a lot of familiar faces for the 100th episode. Which character do you miss the most?

SM: It’s always fun having Matt Davis on set. I definitely miss having him around, for sure.

JJ: Well, it must be nice being the only character who can really communicate with him on screen (laughs). Well Bonnie now, too, of course.

SM: Yeah, it’s great. Although, I guess there hasn’t been much of me speaking with the dead [this season]. It’s been more Bonnie because she’s the anchor.

JJ: How would you say this finale stacks up against all the other crazy TVD finales?

SM: It will be exciting! One of our main characters dies, so it’s definitely a nail­ biter. You’ll just have to find out!

JJ: Any hopes for your character going into the sixth season? Would you ever want to see Jeremy become a vampire?

SM: Because he’s a Hunter, I don’t know if he can become a vampire.

Läs hela intervjun här!

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