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Nina Dobrev - St Tropez & Saint - Trope

Nina Dobrev sågs nyligen på en Yatch i St Tropez tillsammans med sin pojkvän Austin Stowell och några andra kompisar. De strosade även runt i Saint - Trope.

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Nina Dobrev - Kayla Ewel's möhippa

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'The Final Girls' - Stillbild

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Nina Dobrev - "The Final Girls" Premiär

Den 16 Juni var det Los Angeles Film Festival 2015 och Nina Dobrev närvarade i samband med att hennes nya film "The Final Girls" hade premiär.

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Nina Dobrev - 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards

Några bilder på Nina Dobrev från 1 Juni när hon närvarade 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards som hölldes vid Alice Tully HallLincoln Center i New York City måndags eftermiddag. Hon var där tillsammans med Shameless stjärnan Emmy Rossum och Broadway Gigi stjärnan Vanessa Hudgens
FYI: Nina hade en Lele Rose klänning, Kurt Geiger skor, H.Stern örhängen och en Lee Savage clutch. Vanessa hade på sig en Sachin & Babi klänning och Emmy hade en klänning från Dion Lee, Paul Andrew pumps, smycken från Eva Fehren och en Lee Savage clutch.

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Nina Dobrev - Self Magazine

I samband med Nina att berättade på hennes instagram att hon skulle lämna TVD, avslöjade hon också att hon hade gjort en intervju med Self Magazine som nu har kommit ut.
“I’m buying you tequila shots!” jokes Nina Dobrev, upbeat but contrite. She’s a little late meeting me for dinner, but not because she’s a star who’s unconcerned with the clock. It’s because, despite her nine years in the business, the sprawl of Los Angeles is new to her: She’ll be living here full-time in just a few weeks but doesn’t know the roads quite yet. Still, says the 26-year-old actress, every new route holds its own excitement. She joins me at the table, wearing a navy silk jumpsuit, black cardigan and sandals, fluttery false eyelashes still glued to her lids. “We shot until 6 a.m., and then I flew here,” she says. “I forgot to take them off.” 

Since 2009, Dobrev has spent 10 months of every year living in Atlanta, shooting her 22-episode-per-season CW series, The Vampire Diaries. Treading in the scripted world of doppelgängers and the undead, Dobrev deftly took on the highly dramatic coming-of-age story of an innocent-at-first high school student named Elena Gilbert. Over the years, Gilbert fell in love with not one but two members of the bloodthirsty Salvatore brood (while in real life, Dobrev dated Ian Somerhalder, who played the older Salvatore brother, Damon). Gilbert would eventually die, come back to life and become a vampire herself—and a vampire premed student, no less. 

As Gilbert, and sometimes as her immortal nemesis, Katherine Pierce (born in 1473), Dobrev developed a massive and dedicated fan base, including nearly 5 million Instagram followers, many of whom were crushed in April when the actress used the same medium to announce her imminent departure from the show. Shooting her final scenes, she says a few weeks prior, will be emotional: TVD represents not only Gilbert’s coming-of-age but her own. “It’s important for me that it be epic and powerful,” Dobrev says. “I feel like I’m a completely different person than I was and I’ve grown so much. It’s been a big part of my life, and I want it to be beautiful. I want it to end well.” 

Having signed a six-year contract at the show’s onset, Dobrev knew from the beginning that this year might mark the end of her run. TVD‘s seventh season will commence filming later this year, but without its star, whose take on all of it is forward-looking and optimistic, not nostalgic or fearful of change. Never once does she say leaving is scary; she does, however, call it bittersweet. “I’ve loved working on this show,” she says. “It’s been such a crazy, awesome adventure, and I’ve been surrounded by so many people who I consider family. I know this is a new exciting step in the right direction for me, but it’s going to be so strange not to be with them.” 

Still, like any smart professional, Dobrev’s been thinking a few moves ahead for years. “I’m very business-­minded,” she says. Keen on the long game, she started filming movies in between seasons, appearing in dramas like The Perks of Being a Wallflower (filmed around Pittsburgh); farces like Let’s Be Cops (Atlanta); and, most recently, in this spring’s emo-horror satire The Final Girls (New Orleans), which premiered to rave reviews at South by Southwest. She’s eager now to tackle even more ambitious film roles. And after playing so many of the supernatural types (dead, undead, capable of flight), she also seems unfazed by the idea of moving to otherworldly Hollywood.

It’s the unknown and the lofty, not to mention the prospect of a well-earned break, that’s exciting Dobrev these days. “I’ll be stepping outside my comfort zone,” she says while checking out the specials at Café Gratitude in Larchmont. She’s talking about her future as an actor and as a newbie screenwriter, sitting at one of the restaurant’s outdoor tables. We’re beneath a sign that reads I AM WHOLE AND COMPLETE UNTO MYSELF, all in capital letters. 

The restaurant’s vegetarian menu plays on identity. At the top, the words “I am” are printed large, followed by an ellipsis that signifies you could be anything … from what the list of dishes below represents. If you order a marinated kale salad, you are saying, “I am … pure.” If you want corn and portobello mushroom tacos, it’s “I am…transformed.” Sizing up the dogma of the dinner menu, Dobrev, more of a doer than a seeker, looks up at the waiter, shrugs and jokingly says, “I am … feeling like a steak.” 

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1989, the same year that country’s Communist regime collapsed, Dobrev got used to pushing boundaries and crossing borders at an early age. She flew to America when she was 2 with her mother, Michaela, and older brother, Alex, to eventually meet her father, Kamen, in Toronto. Fresh out of the Bulgarian army, Kamen Dobrev had left one year earlier to secure work and save enough money to bring over the rest of the family. He delivered pizzas and pumped gasoline until funds were sufficient. “My mom crossed into Canada to meet him at Niagara Falls with one suitcase and a kid in each hand,” Dobrev says. “I learned hard work from them.” 

Living in Scarborough, Ontario, a tough suburb of Toronto, the family moved around a lot for the first few years. Dobrev remembers packing her own school lunches because her mom worked multiple jobs—as a receptionist, selling clothing, whatever it took to keep the family afloat—while Kamen went to school to study computer engineering. At 10, Dobrev began competing in aesthetic gymnastics meets and eventually had to make a tough choice between athletics and acting. 

“It was either continue with the gymnastics and try to go to the Olympics, or audition more. Gymnastics was four hours a day, six days a week. There wasn’t time for both.” In her early teens, Dobrev began going to Toronto to try out for acting parts. “I would take the subway,” she says, “and then four different buses. Nothing was ever handed to me.” 

Her first big break came in 2006, when she was cast on the popular Canadian teen melodrama Degrassi: The Next Generation, alongside an actor named Aubrey Graham, now known to millions on this side of the border as Drake. Over the course of 52 episodes, until 2009, Dobrev played a teenaged mom who ultimately moved to Paris to pursue a modeling career. In real life, she left Degrassi, and Toronto, for The Vampire Diaries and Atlanta—but only after she got sick, botched her first audition, took a mulligan and submitted a tape to make up for the initial mess. “None of us thought about her twice after that first try,” recalls Julie Plec, the show’s cocreator and writer. “But when we saw that tape, we were all blown away by how wonderful, magnetic and interesting she was. She got the part based on that. She fought for it.” 

As our food arrives, Dobrev digs in. There’s roasted brussels sprouts, a couple of salads, those corn and portobello mushroom tacos. She looks around at the abundance of bright vegetal dishes and promptly declares, “I am … a pig.” Regardless, she wants pictures, because she likes to chronicle these things. “My taste buds are alive and well,” she says. “Living in Atlanta, I started a restaurant bucket list for friends. There’s a whole burger section. It’s dope. Everybody loves it when they come into town.” Dobrev says she’d possibly like to expand and publish it. “Like a travel guide,” she says. 

With her show ending, the first thing Dobrev wants to do is explore. She’s already planned a cross-country road trip with six friends after her final episode wraps. It’s unclear whether her 18-year-old cat, Lynx, will come along for the ride or take a more direct route west (aside from Lynx, Dobrev is single), but stops will be made in New Orleans; Houston; Austin, Texas; Santa Fe; Sedona, Arizona; the Grand Canyon; and Las Vegas before Dobrev ultimately arrives at her new house in Los Angeles. 

There’s more! Read the complete feature and find out about Dobrev’s upcoming plans by downloading the digital edition now.

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Nina Dobrev - Coachella Week 2 (19 April)

@kyliejenner "I Love This Shit!

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Nina och Michael lämnar TVD

Hej allesammans! Tyvärr så har jag en tråkig nyhet att meddela om som ni kanske inte visste eller redan visste jag vet inte. Denna säsong kommer bli den sista för Michael och Nina innan de två lämnar serien för gott. Nina berättade detta inatt på hennes instagram att hon ska lämna.
Även om Michael inte bekräftat att han lämnar serien har en av crew medlemmarna lagt upp en bild där det stod "Lake life in honor of @michael_trevino and @ninadobrev".
Dearest TVD Family,
I've just spent the most beautiful weekend on Lake Lanier in Georgia with my own TVD Family, the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries. I want to be the first to tell you that it wasn't just a holiday celebration, it was a goodbye party. I always knew I wanted Elena's story to be a six season adventure, and within those six years I got the journey of a lifetime. I was a human, a vampire, a doppelganger, a crazy immortal, a doppelganger pretending to be human, a human pretending to be a doppelganger. I got kidnapped, killed, resurrected, tortured, cursed, body-snatched, was dead and undead, and there's still so much more to come before the season finale in May. Elena fell in love not once, but twice, with two epic soulmates, and I myself made some of the best friends I'll ever know and built an extended family I will love forever.

There's more to come before we wrap this up, and I promise you'll get to hear all about my experiences over the next month as we approach the season finale (I have given an exclusive interview for the June issue of SELF Magazine that I am excited for you to see!), but until then I invite you to hop on the roller coaster ride that is Elena Gilbert's life and join me as I celebrate her and prepare to say goodbye to her -- and to my work family -- as I move on to the next chapter of my life. I want to share this goodbye with all of you (this weekend's pictures were just the beginning). You, the wonderful fandom who gave more love, support and passion than anyone could have ever imagined seven years ago, when a young Degrassi girl from Canada showed up in LA to audition for 'that Twilight TV show.' ;-) I love you all. Fasten your seatbelts. If you think you know what's coming, you don't.


Love, Nina

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Nina Dobrev - Cosmo Style Lab (14 Mars)

Förhoppningsvis kommer intervjuerna ut inom kort.

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Nina Dobrev - 'The Final Girls* Press konferens

I lördags hölls en press konferens för Ninas uppkommande film 'The Final Girls'.

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Nina Dobrev - 2015 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival

I fredags (13 Mars) var Nina Dobrev på SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival för att representera sin nya film som hon medverkar i "The Final Girls"Klänningen som hon har på sig är från Elie Saab.

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Nina Dobrev - 'The Final Girls' On Set Visit


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Nina Dobrev - 23:e Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

Igår var Nina Dobrev och Julianne Hough på 23:e Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party. Nina hade en röd vacker klänning från Reem AcraChristian Louboutin skor och en clutch från Lee Savage. Julianne hade en klänning från Naeem Khan.

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Nina Dobrev - Pre-Oscars Party 2015

I lördags (21 feb) var Nina på Warren Zavala Oscars förfest och The Weinstein Company's Academy Awards Nominees Dinner tillsammans med bästa vännen Julianne Hough och Selena Gomez som sågs hänga med dem inne på festen.

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Nina Dobrev - 4th Annual NFL Honors

Nina Dobrev var på NFL Honors i Pheonix, AZ igår kväll, 31 Januari. Hon var där för att presentera priset "Comeback Player of the Year" som gick till Rob Gronkowski med New Orleans Quarterback, Drew Brees. Hon rockade eventet med en lila byxdress från Emilio Pucci.

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Nina Dobrev & Chris Wood - Spartan Race

Nina Dobrev och Chris Wood var igår med i det årliga Spartan Race vilket är ett maratonlopp som kan vara från 3 mil + upp till 12 mil + beroende på vilket race man kör. #TeamSwannieUnicorns

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Nina Dobrev - Nine Zero Saloon Launch Party m. Julianne Hough

I lördags (17 Jan) förra veckan var Nina Dobrev och bästa väninnan Julianne HoughNine Zero Saloon Launch Party vid Melrose Place i West Hollywood, California för att stötta Nikki Lee och Riawna Capri som även är Ninas och Juliannes stylist, nya salong. Stylist duon stylar flera kändisar som Emma Roberts, Ashley TisdaleLeona Lewis och fler som ni ser nedan på bilderna. Nina bar en Andrew Gn klänning och Jimmy Choo skor som hon rockade. 

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ELLE's 21th Annual Woman In Television Celebration

Nina var igår (13 Jan) på ELLE's 21th Annual Woman In Television Celebration som hålldes på Sunset Tower i West Hollywood, California. Hon hade även idag en svart byxdress från  Zuhair Murad vår kollektion, en Jimmy Choo "tube" clutch och en par Stuart Weitzman pumps.
Även Kat Graham var där i en klänning från Azzaro, kappa från Paper London, Brian Atwood skor och en Kotur clutch.

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Nina Dobrev anländer till Golden Globe + efterfesten

Nina Dobrev anländer till Golden Globe tillsammans med Jessica Szohr.
Hon var även på efterfesten som hölls vid The Sunset Towers.

Som ni vet var även Ian där tillsammans med hans flickvän Nikki Reed. Ian och Nina ska tydligen ha stött på varann vilket inte är så kontsigt, men snacka om stelt? Men jag tror de höll de väldigt professionellt. Nina ska även haft med sig Chris Wood som hon ryktas dejta så något minglande mellan Ian och Nina var det nog inte. Hon lämnade även eventet med en mystisk man, men vi har nog svaret på vem det var..eller?

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Nina Dobrev - 16th Golden Globes 2015

Igår (11 Jan) hölls det årliga Golden Globes Award på Beverly Hills Hotel, Kalifornien, och som förra året var Nina Dobrev där i en vacker svart glittrig spetsklänning av Zuhair Murad tillsammans med sin kompis Jessica Szohr. Här anländer hon till InStyle och Warner Bros party.
Från @selenagomez instagram


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